When Moto3 first took the place of that beloved breeding ground of young talent, the two-stroke 125 Grand Prix, I was outraged. How could they phase out such a fantastic class of racing for a 250cc four-stroke single class that sounded terrible, (to me)? But then I saw how technically interesting the bikes were and began to warm to the strange noise. What is not in doubt or subject to opinion is the quality of the racing! The Czech Republic Moto3 race was surely the best motorcycle Grand Prix of recent times, an absolute stunner! I'll always hanker for the sound and smell of a two-stroke racer, but with racing like last weekend in Brno I'm happy to be converted to modern times.

Venus & Keith +1

It's a very busy year of Grand Prix bikes and all the travel and excitement that goes with it, but it's pretty exciting at home too! Venus and I are expecting our third child. Great news, even if the timing is a little tricky. This one better break the lap record or I'm likely to miss the main event. I am in Japan, Australia and Malaysia in October when we're due!

I hope you're enjoying the MotoGP season and getting used to me being back behind the mic. Keep pushing was a mantra I used on the track, and it works for anything you REALLY want to get done!

Thanks for your support as always.