Hello everyone
When I commentated on a young Valentino Rossi as he took his first Grand Prix win, back in 1996 on a 125cc two stroke, I could not have imagined that I'd eventually be back behind the commentary mic some 18 years later to record his latest historic mark in our wonderful sport. But here I am celebrating, along with the rest of the worlds bike fans, and marvelling at The Doctor's latest incredible performance! His tally of 5012 Grand Prix points is just one more unique statistic set in Misano, and with another two year contract at Yamaha who would dare bet against more records being set before he eventually leaves the youngsters alone? Not me, (this time)!

Venus & Keith +1

It's a very busy year of Grand Prix bikes and all the travel and excitement that goes with it, but it's pretty exciting at home too! Venus and I are expecting our third child. Great news, even if the timing is a little tricky. This one better break the lap record or I'm likely to miss the main event. I am in Japan, Australia and Malaysia in October when we're due!

I hope you're enjoying the MotoGP season and getting used to me being back behind the mic. 'Keep pushing' was a mantra I used on the track, and it works for anything you REALLY want to get done!

Thanks for your support as always.