So we enter the MotoGP summer break with an unbroken run of nine wins to the magnificent Marc Marquez. I have never believed he could make a winning clean sweep of all 18 rounds... but now I have my doubts! Next up, Indianapolis. Look forward to it.


Venus & Keith +1

It's a very busy year of Grand Prix bikes and all the travel and excitement that goes with it, but it's also pretty exciting at home too! Venus and I are expecting our third child. Great news, even if the timing is a little tricky. This one better break the lap record or I'm likely to miss the main event. I am in Japan, Australia and Malaysia in October when we're due!

I hope you're enjoying the MotoGP season and getting used to me being back behind the mic. It's been hard work and a steep relearning curve for me, but now we're in the Grand Prix summer break I will be looking back over the first 9 rounds and aiming for some improvements. It's just like racing, there is ALWAYS room for improvement!

Thanks for your support as always.